Are you a... Producer, Network, Studio or Library?

  • Dooya create and/or control rights to exciting, quality video programs?
  • Dooya need a fast, simple way to get your shows in front of consumers?
  • Dooya want to make money with your content?


Monetize Your Video

Dooya offers an Ad-Supported Video Syndication Network that consumers access on demand via App, Direct Distribution, and Streaming OTT Channels.

We aggregate your premium video programming, optimize it for ad insertion, and then push it to the top streaming platforms.

82% of ALL Video is watched on these 5 Platforms:


Leave It to Us

We handle all the hard part of distribution and you collect a revenue share through all modes of streaming: Ad-supported Video On Demand (AVOD); Television On Demand (TVOD); Subscription VOD; including the Roku Channel and Amazon Prime (paid per hour viewed).

Fun, informative, profound, useful – send it all over! Dooya puts your video to work, providing consumers the ultimate streaming video experience on TV’s, smartphones and tables.




Unlike most OTT networks, Dooya gives you Amplified Ad Monetization through Advanced Search and Discovery. Our method makes your video more discoverable and so more viable for ad support, transforming un- or underused broadcast quality content into a revenue source.

Even better, our library sits at the top of the VIP line in the major universal search databases and is discoverable with Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant

More Data Fields = Better Data

We optimize video for search with extra metadata fields through our proprietary process.

Content Focus

We gather your fact-based, non-fiction programming (DIY, science, history, reality, documentaries, commentary, education, arts), along with popular movies and other shows, to give your video content the broadest reach possible, including to underserved audiences.

Powerful Partners

Our industry allies give Dooya’s app high placement in search and discovery, ensuring:

  • Greater exposure for your shows
  • More ad revenue and sponsorship opportunities
  • Higher consumer satisfaction and loyalty to your programs


Dooya’s approach solves key problems for a huge, underserved market, and creates new opportunities for all stakeholders in the OTT (Over the Top) video ecosystem.


Here’s the bottom line.

Yes, online video is a huge market. 85% of the US internet audience watches videos online. On Facebook alone, half a BILLION people watch video daily.

But: it’s so big that not everyone can make money with their content.

In 2002, only 50 original TV shows debuted at the upfronts. By 2017, the number was 500+. And new entrants like Netflix and Amazon are sucking up even more consumer attention, spending $8B and $5B respectively on new production.

At the same time, by 2020 advertisers are predicted to spend $43B on online video ad buys. So we designed our Advertising Video On Demand platform to capture these dollars and pass them on to you.

The question is: how can YOU break through the clutter? How can YOU compete? How can YOU monetize?

Don’tcha know? Dooya will do it for you



Dooya is an ad supported internet video syndication and distribution company.

We take video very seriously, finding and curating the very best broadcast quality TV and serving it up to a global audience, including underserved communities. Our programs include huge hits, hidden gems, and high quality fact-based and specialty programming. Dooya’s proprietary process has the support of major media players, ensuring great content, easier search, and more relevant discovery, yielding a stronger platform for advertisers and better revenue share for content creators.